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The complete programme of professional thermal Fogging Machines and ULV/LV aerosol generators for all your fog applications.

Plant protection   
Stock protection
Pest and Vector control
Sprout inhibition of potatoes
Training and special effects

In its mission of providing integrated logistics solutions, UNI CARRIERS CORPORATION is committed to fully leveraging its corporate capabilities and offering products that makes its name synonymous with total customer satisfaction. UNI CARRIERS CORPORATION is accomplishing these goals by seamlessly integrating production and distribution functions, systemizing related logistical processes, and pioneering ways to synergize user-friendly hardware and software configurations, all with a view to creating cutting-edge logistics systems that provide unsurpassed levels of performance. UNI CARRIERS CORPORATION is attracting attention around the world as it strives to demonstrate the unlimited potential of its integrated Logistics Solutions.
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Swingfog SN 50

Portable machines, available with four types of chemical tank made of stainless steel of synthetic material (polyethylene).  The fuel tank is made of stainless steel. All metal parts coming into contact with the chemical are also made form  stainless steel.
SN 50

Swingfog SN 101

Vehicle mountable large fogging machines. Available with manually operated starting pump (SN 101 M) or with an electrical starter (SN 101 E and SN 101 Pump).
Both, the SN 101 M and SN 101 E types are equipped with stainless steel chemical tanks that have a capacity of 69 l.
The SN 101 E is supplied with a rechargeable starter battery and a battery charger.
The SN 101 Pump has no chemical tank, but a large fuel tank with a capacity of 21.3 l, which allows for a continuous operation of approximately 5 hours.
The fogging mixture is drawn, by means of an electrically The fogging mixture is drawn, by means of an electrically driven stainless steel feeding pump, form a separate tank.

SN 101

Today, Swingfog means: Engineering at high level combined with a complete utilization of know-how. In other words: Technology and application under one roof.

We are certified as compliant with DIN EN ISO 9001.

Swingfog fogging technology is the efficient and economic method for :

-    Mosquito and pest control

-    Plant protection in plantations and greenhouses.

-    Stock protection in warehouses, silos and plants for processing foodstuffs, agricultural products, textiles and tobacco.

-    Disinfection in the foodstuff industry in areas occupied by people and in livestock industry. 

SWINGFOG Fogging Machine from Germany

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